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Family Development
For a warmer & brighter Home

In Saomai we believe that the family is the fundamental school of human values and social virtues. Parents play the role of primary educators, forming children in truth through words and good example. Children learn to dialogue, understand and respect other people’s points of view in the family. It is in the family that children learn how to be helpful and caring for others. Saomai wishes to promote family values and key components of the family unit such as the harmonious development of the relationship between spouses and among parents and children. We offer workshops on Marriage and Parenting with the help of Experts (both local and International).


& Parenting


The club aims to form girls capable of influencing society and their environment in a positive way! Leaders in Service, always ready to help others.
Through fun and learning activities, the girls can develop their personality, build friendship and broaden their perspective. Character formation for young girls through:
Talks on Human Virtues | Fun and learning activities | Mentoring



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Little Flowers Club

Every 3rd Saturday
For 8-11 years old


Teens Club


Every 2nd Saturday
For 12-15 years old

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We are born into homes and we need high-quality homemaking knowledge and skills. Discover the many challenges of homemaking so as to be able to transform a house into a home, a physical location into a place of nurture for the family where members of the family first learn the value of self, how to love and be loved, self-giving, order, generosity, social awareness, self-mastery, and other important life skills. In this program, we offer varied sessions both for aspiring homemakers and those who wish to be better homemakers:

Culinary skills | Cooking | Baking | Good Housekeeping
|Flower Art, Flower Arrangements 
|Table setting, Table Manners